This page contains several downloads and links to resources about the HMF. Whether it is downloadable code, articles or summary tables, you'll find it here.

Getting the code

You can use the functionality of HMFcalc offline with greater flexibility by using the backend package, hmf, directly. It is a python package, and relies on several other libraries, including numpy, scipy and pycamb. To get it for yourself, simply use pip:
$ pip install hmf
If you have any trouble installing, please let us know or head to the github repository where the entire code is made open source. While you're there, raise any issues you have with the code, and feel free to grab it and start contributing! The code for HMFcalc is also made available on github, so go and check it out and fix any bugs you find!

Papers Using HMFcalc or hmf

Please let us know if your paper uses the hmf code or HMFcalc and it's not listed here!

Tables and Miscellaneous

HMF Review Papers

Other Papers

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