This page outlines the common usage of TheHaloMod, along with information concerning the various parameters and options included. Much of this information is a modified rendition of this article, which accompanied the publishing of TheHaloMod, though the backend has changed significantly since this publication. Read on for information about common usage, the transfer function used, the cosmological parameters and the fitting functions.

Using TheHaloMod

TheHaloMod is built to be easy to use. In the simplest example, the only action required on your part is to navigate to the calculator. All required options and parameters are filled with sensible defaults and ready to go. Nevertheless, most users will want to fiddle with the parameters to tune them to their particular needs -- be it a survey, simulation or investigation.

The options and parameters in TheHaloMod were chosen to give as much flexibility as possible without making things overly complicated. They are split over tabs in the calculator, each governing a different sub-model.

The organisation of these tabs is no accident -- it mirrors the internal organisation of the halomod code. halomod is composed of a series of components, integrated into frameworks. Each component and framework receives its own Tab in TheHaloMod.

In particular, components often have many different models which can be chosen for them. One obvious example is the hmf model itself (i.e. the fitting function chosen to model f(σ)). Each of these models (for the same component) may have different parameters. These parameters will be shown dynamically as you chose the relevant models.

Model Creation and Editing

New to TheHaloMod is the ability to view and edit the models that have been thus-far created. Each created model receives its own entry in a table below the main plotting interface. From there, you can choose to edit or delete the model. Also, you can create a new model based on the existing model (all parameter defaults for the new model will match the parameters of the model that was chosen as a starting point).

TheHaloMod starts with a default model (matching the default model of halomod) and allows you to edit or create more models based on this default. You can delete all but one model, as TheHaloMod always expects to have at least one model defined.

Models are persistent -- you can navigate to this help page and back to the calculator and your models will remain. To restart calculations from the original default model and delete all the models you've created in the session, use the big red restart button in the calculator.