TheHaloMod is an app for calculating the cosmological Halo Model of Large Scale Structure, written by me, Steven Murray. It is intended to be used for both research and education, and I'd be very happy to hear how you're using it!

The backend for this app is written in Python. If you have a working python installation you can install it simply with pip install halomod. TheHaloMod is powered by Django.

TheHaloMod is hosted on a cluster maintained by the Low-frequency Cosmology (LoCo) lab at the School of Earth and Space Exploration at ASU. Shout-outs to Judd Bowman, Danny Jacobs, Adam Beardsley and Matt Kolopanis for assisting greatly with server setup and maintenance.

How To Acknowledge Use Of TheHaloMod

If you have found TheHaloMod to be a useful tool, please cite Murray et al. (2020). If you used TheHaloMod primarily for the halo mass functions (or you got here by searching for HMFcalc), perhaps citing Murray et al. (2013) is more appropriate.